Along the Path: How can we adapt to future network needs?

Welcome to the 2024 Q2 edition of Along the Path. In this edition, we’re diving into ways to ensure your network management strategy can adapt to your future needs and exploring the role of GIS in ongoing network asset management.


How can you ensure your asset management system will meet your needs?


5 essential elements for effective fiber management

When it comes to maintaining fiber, an asset management system is not just a tool; it’s a strategic necessity. But what should you look for to meet the demands of your stakeholders, align with company objectives, and sustain operations over time? Join presenters from Esri and 3-GIS as they uncover the essential elements for implementing an asset management system in this on-demand webinar.



Modernizing your fiber network management strategyWhat to do in the face of end-of-life technology?

As asset management systems such as Ericsson Network Engineer reach end-of-life, telcos around the globe are making the decision to switch. However, change of this magnitude can be fraught with uncertainty. Here are some ways to approach and ease the transition.

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Keys for successful network operationsWhat are telcos looking for to support their operations?

Network operators are increasingly turning to comprehensive network management systems to optimize operations and extract maximum value from their data. We've identified key factors emerging as top priorities for service providers as they envision and select an asset management system.

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Changing the view of network managementFiber may be the future, but what about our copper assets?

Moving toward the future doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the past behind. Copper still plays a vital role in our broadband infrastructure today; and, as deploying full-fiber networks isn’t yet financially feasible everywhere, it’s important that copper can be accurately documented still.

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