Along the path: Achieving better as-builts

Welcome to the 2022 Q2 edition of Along the Path. In this edition, we review tips to increase velocity during fiber engineering and construction, maintain operational efficiency, and achieve better as-builts.

3 keys to increase speed in fiber engineering and construction

3 keys to increase speed in fiber engineering and construction

The increased demand for broadband access means many engineering and construction companies are placing fiber at breakneck speed. Modernizing fiber design and engineering processes has become a key proponent in achieving greater deployment velocity, leading to decreased costs, revenue sooner, and updating as-builts in real-time.

During this 1-hour on-demand webinar, presenters Tony Franks and Ashley Pharo cover:

  • Challenges faced by segmented deployment stages
  • Ways to streamline the design and permitting processes
  • Strategies for accurate tracking of construction and installed infrastructure
  • Practices to access and update data from the field
  • Methods to remove data silos and facilitate data to stakeholders

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Tackling common challenges in the telecommunications industry

How is technology addressing the issues surrounding recording and maintaining accurate as-builts? Ditch Witch, HDD Guidance Products, and 3-GIS sit down to talk it through.

Because of the complexity of fiber, many of the common challenges faced by communication service providers (CSPs) today revolve around managing physical network assets. Historically, CSPs have often struggled with getting as-built records at the conclusion of the fiber rollout; but the necessity and growth of fiber has brought this issue further into the spotlight. As-builts are vital to avoiding unexpected expenses during deployment, particularly when construction strays from initial plans and designs.

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Tackling common challenges in the telecommunications industry podcast




Checkpoints to confirm constructibility

Even the most experienced engineers need a few good rules of thumb to ensure the deliverable can be constructed. Here are a few of ours.

Don’t assume:

  1. the design goes to the backbone.
  2. the network design and construction project is a greenfield.
  3. the field data has been posted.
  4. the bill of materials (BOM) is accurate.

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In fiber buildouts, the devil is in the details

Is the need for speed in fiber deployment leading to a decrease in overall efficiency? Learn what not to overlook when building out fiber.

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