Along the path: All about APIs

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Along the Path. With fiber, it's all about speed. At the end of each quarter, we'll cover a new topic that helps you blaze along the path to smarter fiber deployment and management. This edition is all about APIs.

How to use outside plant data to maximize operational efficiency


Using APIs, communications service providers (CSPs) are orchestrating workflows that increase deployment velocity, improve data quality, and decrease input errors. Learn how APIs are helping CSPs use their outside plant data to inform their operations.  

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Consider APIs as part of your fiber network management strategy

How can enterprises implement APIs to deliver complex services faster, generate increased revenue, improve customer experience, and facilitate faster subscription growth?

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APIs: ditching swivel chairs and embracing interoperability

APIs aren’t just for the tech giants. Learn why APIs are growing in popularity with organizations of all sizes.

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What can APIs do for CSPs?

Do you have swivel chairitis? There's an API for that! However, APIs do more than just decrease data duplication.

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