Fearless fiber

Designing, building and managing fiber networks can be an intimidating job, especially for organizations just getting started with fiber. While fiber networks may seem complex they play an important role in economic development. 3-GIS can take the complexity out of fiber management and design. At the 2018 TVPPA Expo in Chattanooga 3-GIS’s CEO, Tom Counts, gave a presentation on how to get fiber projects to your community faster. 

Drawing on his more than 30 years of experience helping municipalities and co-ops deploy fiber infrastructure, Tom’s presentation will help you understand:

  • How to use automation to reduce network engineering time
  • The process 3-GIS uses to complete fiber to the home designs faster
  • How 3-GIS can speed the permitting process
  • The 3-GIS network management solution
  • The increasing demand for data and the need to overbuild
  • Why fiber presents an unique opportunity for utility providers

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